Bridge Construction Overview

Constructing and Restoring Bridges in the Southeast

Bridge building is in our company’s DNA. It’s the work our legacy is built upon, as central to who we are as the Southeast region we’ve called home since 1933. Our bridge construction and repair work has impacted millions of lives by connecting communities and enabling the transportation of goods and services people depend on every day.

Today, Scott Bridge Company continues to drive the industry standards for engineering, safety, and performance on bridge projects ranging from multi-phase interstate improvements to replacement of rural two-lane structures.

Structures that Connect

Bridges don’t just get us from Point A to Point B, they form connections between families, communities, and society.

Service Details

Highlights of Our Bridge Construction and Repair Services

Scott Bridge Company provides a full range of bridge-related construction services for a variety of uses, operating as both a prime contractor and subcontractor as needed by project owners.

Highway & Interstate
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Trail & Pedestrian
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Interchange Connection
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Railroad Bridges
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Flyover & Overpass
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Repair & Restoration
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What sets our Bridge services apart

Proven Methods, Custom Approach

In-House Engineering

Scott Bridge Company employs an in-house team of experienced, licensed engineers to every bridge construction project. Their involvement aids both design planning and constructability.

Geo-Report Analysis

The risk is underground, as they say, and we do all we can to mitigate that risk with expert analysis of the BFI (geotechnical report) provided by the owner to determine the best way to approach a project.

Delivery Innovation

We continually think outside the box to devise project delivery plans that are safer, more efficient, and more cost effective than the traditional or straightforward approach often may be.

Schedule Savings

Schedule is one of the areas in which we’re most capable of finding and adding value for our clients. We look at schedule to streamline production and speed the overall project delivery date.


Total number of fully-owned pieces of heavy equipment at Scott Bridge Company
We draw upon our substantial fleet of heavy equipment to allow greater responsiveness and project performance for our bridge construction clients.


Total number of professional engineers employed by Scott Bridge Company
Our in-house engineering team consists of five professional engineers supported by numerous civil engineers that work directly with field teams for real-time responsiveness.

What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

“Scott Bridge Company has shown a continued commitment to project safety for both on-site personnel and the traveling public; and a high standard for permit compliance in the environmentally sensitive areas in which these projects occur. Volkert has found during our work with Scott Bridge Company a true sense of partnering which has made the projects progress smoothly and which I believe has helped deliver a quality product to our client.”
E. Michael Luescher
Project Engineer
Volkert, Inc.

Our Bridge Construction Impact

Connecting the Southeast for More Than 90 Years

Scott Bridge Company’s bridge construction services have a positive impact on the Southeast, enhancing connectivity, driving economic growth, and improving community well-being. Our bridges serve as vital links, connecting neighborhoods and cities, and fostering economic growth. With a commitment to enduring infrastructure, our projects shape a prosperous and connected future for the Southeast.

Serving Market needs

Building Today to Serve Tomorrow

WIth continued population growth throughout the Southeast, the demand for reliable infrastructure is increasing exponentially. At Scott Bridge Company, we’re committed to serving our region’s needs by maintaining our role as one of its leading bridge construction and repair contractors.

Aging Infrastructure

Many bridges in the Southeast are aging beyond their intended lifespan, requiring repair and replacement to ensure public safety and maintain efficient transportation.

High Traffic Volume

Bridges in the Southeast experience heavy traffic due to population growth, economic activity, and tourism, requiring regular maintenance and repairs to ensure their structural integrity and functionality.

Why Choose Us

Examples of our work

Featured Bridge Projects

Like all true builders, our passion shines brightest through the work we do—from our engineering methods to our operations in the field. If you’re interested to know who we are and what we’re all about, look no further than the structures we build.

Bridge Construction Careers

Discover Your Inner Bridge Builder

At Scott Bridge Company, we hold the belief that within each of us there are unknown talents and potential waiting to be discovered—and a career in bridge construction could just be the key that unlocks them.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself by helping build structures that add real value to society, a career building bridges with Scott Bridge Company is exactly that. And with our backlog of projects throughout the Southeast, the possibilities are endless.

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A Family to Fulfill Your Potential

“I’ve been fortunate, blessed even, to be surrounded by people who are more knowledgeable than myself. That’s a huge tool for becoming better at my job and advancing in my career.”
David Fleetwood
“We have excellent owners, excellent engineers, excellent superintendents, foremen, and on down the line. There are a lot of people here with a lot of experience that make Scott Bridge Company great.”
Lydia Janes
Equipment Operator

What’s In it for You

Ready for Your Next Big Challenge?

Growth Opportunities

Whether you’re starting as an entry-level laborer, or joining our team with years of experience already under your belt, there’s always room to grow and advance your career at SBC.

Team Environment

Simply put, our work cannot be done by one individual—it’s the work of hundreds of people collaborating and relying on each other to get the job done. When we work as a team, we succeed as one.

Exciting Challenges

Bridge projects are exciting, plain and simple. New challenges arise every day, and we’re a group that’s driven to tackle them. For us there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the end result.

Company Security

Scott Bridge Company has been around for nearly a century, and we plan to be here a century more. If you’re willing to work hard, grow and improve, there’s a place for you here as long as you want it.

Commonly Available Bridge Construction Positions

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your career, there’s a position at Scott Bridge Company to fit your needs and experience level. Here are a few key positions on any railroad project.

Bridge Carpenter

Construct, erect, install, and repair concrete forms and other wood structures per sketches, blueprints, or oral instructions to assist with bridge construction.

Concrete Finisher

Perform tasks necessary to construct concrete structures, including forming, pouring, and finishing concrete.

Skilled Laborer

Perform a variety of tasks, including pile driving, rigging, and concrete work, necessary to construct bridge structures.

Bridge Foreman

Responsible to maintain safety, quality, and project schedule while managing bridge crews sized between 4-8 team members on a variety of bridge construction operations.

The world needs more Builders

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