Energy Infrastructure Overview

Powering Regional Communities in the Southeast

Our reputation as one of the Southeast’s leading bridge contractors has opened the door to Scott Bridge Company serving clients in the hydro energy market. Since our teams first began taking on projects for hydroelectric facilities in the early 2000s, our capabilities in this area have continued to expand in response to our clients’ needs.

Today, we provide a range of structural concrete services to aid in the improvement of our region’s often outdated energy infrastructure. As with every area of our work, we go out of our way to ensure the same level of quality and service our customers have come to expect.

Infrastructure that Works

We’re helping to power communities in the Southeast by building hydroelectric structures that bring clean energy into our homes.

Service Details

Highlights of Our Energy Infrastructure Services

Our offerings in the energy sector cover a wide range of upgrades and improvements commonly associated with hydropower facilities, all of which are supported by our in-house engineering and project teams.

Hydroelectric Infrastructure
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Head Gate Replacement
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Trash Rack Replacement
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Spillway Improvement
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Concrete Components
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Updates & Modernizing
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What sets our energy services Apart

Proven Capabilities, Wherever Needed

Mobilization Ability

Our project teams are capable of mobilizing quickly and installing the necessary cranes, marine platforms, and other equipment for projects in difficult-to-access locations.

On-Time Delivery

It’s vitally important to our clients in the energy sector that we complete projects when promised, without interrupting power service. Scheduling is one of our top priorities.

Safety Planning

In any project environment, and especially those involving hydropower facilities, safety is our highest priority—not only for ourselves but for all project stakeholders and partners.

Project Coordination

A tremendous amount of planning and coordination goes into the vast majority of energy infrastructure improvements, which is one of the areas our teams shine brightest.


Total number of marine and floating equipment owned by Scott Bridge Company
Hydro energy facilities by definition involve water, and our teams are fully equipped with the specialized machinery needed to perform in Marine environments.


Total number of crawler cranes owned by Scott Bridge Company
We utilize an extensive fleet of modern equipment including more than 40 fully-owned crawler cranes to tackle large-scale energy infrastructure improvement projects in our region.

What Our Energy Partners Are Saying

“Scott Bridge Company has successfully delivered results within project safety, schedule, and budget targets on Hydro Generation projects at our Georgia Power Company and Alabama Power Company. Your dedication to quality will ensure the continued long-term life extensions of numerous projects including our iconic Martin Dam.”
Herbie N. Johnson
General Manager
Southern Company Hydro

Our Energy Infrastructure Impact

Harnessing the Power of Our Regional Waterways

Scott Bridge Company’s expertise in energy infrastructure construction and enhancements drives the development of reliable and sustainable energy systems, including power generation facilities and transmission networks, supporting the region’s energy needs and fostering a resilient energy future.

Energy Market Needs

Modernizing Our Outdated Systems

The need for improving and upgrading our existing energy infrastructure has increased demand for qualified, capable contractors in the Southeast. We believe in the important role these facilities play in powering our communities, and we’re proud to contribute to providing sustainable energy.

Growing Energy Demand

The Southeast region experiences a growing demand for reliable and sustainable energy sources to meet the needs of its expanding population, industries, and businesses.

Diverse Energy Sources

The Southeast relies on a diverse mix of energy sources, including renewable energy, and nuclear power, requiring the construction and enhancement of energy infrastructure to support this diverse energy portfolio.

Reliable Power Grid

Robust energy infrastructure, including power generation facilities and transmission networks, is vital for maintaining a reliable power grid that can meet the demands of homes, businesses, and critical services in the Southeast.

Transition to Clean Energy

As the demand for clean and renewable energy increases, our work in infrastructure construction and enhancements supports the transition to a more sustainable future in the Southeast.

Why Choose Us

Examples of Our Work

Featured Energy Projects

Like all true builders, our passion shines brightest through the work we do—from our engineering methods to our operations in the field. If you’re interested to know who we are and what we’re all about, look no further than the structures we build.

Energy Infrastructure Careers

Energize Your Career with Scott Bridge

Feeling a little low on motivation in your current job? A switch to Scott Bridge Company could be the jolt of energy you’ve been looking for. Our projects take us all over the Southeast to tackle different challenges every day—challenges that push all of us to work harder, think smarter, and be the best versions of ourselves we possibly can be. They get us going, in other words. They might just do the same for you.

Within the growing energy infrastructure market, there are limitless opportunities to grow your skills and your career with Scott Bridge Company.

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Supercharged Team Environment

“We have excellent owners, excellent engineers, excellent superintendents, foremen, and on down the line. There are a lot of people here with a lot of experience that make Scott Bridge Company great.”
Lydia Janes
Equipment Operator
“People are the best resource we have. Our field personnel are second to none, and that’s what differentiates Scott Bridge Company from our competitors—our people.”
Michael Collier
Director of Construction & Project Management

What’s in it for you

Get Back What You Put In, And More

Specialized Skills

Energy infrastructure projects require specialized skills and training that make our employees experts in their profession, giving them the means to grow their careers.


Our culture is built on helping each other grow and develop. As a new member of our team, you’ll be taken under the wing of our seasoned employees to set you up for success.

Personal Growth

Rising to meet new challenges is part of what helps us all grow and learn, and our culture at Scott Bridge Company is all about stepping up to fulfill our God-given potential.

Financial Wealth

Thousands of employees throughout our company history have chosen to make Scott Bridge Company their home for their entire career, and have earned big as a result.

Commonly Available Energy Infrastructure Positions

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your career, there’s a position at Scott Bridge Company to fit your needs and experience level. Here are a few key positions on any energy infrastructure project.

Skilled Laborer

Provide ground labor and mechanical support for project teams wherever needed to help keep operations on-track and running smoothly.

Concrete Finisher

Provide concrete finishing and support, including preform concrete finishing, forming, pouring, and stripping of concrete forms.

Haul Truck Driver

Transport materials, equipment and project resources for delivery to active project sites as well as Scott Bridge Company shop locations, in support of operations.

Concrete Foreman

Provide direct supervision of concrete crews sized between 4-8 members to ensure overall work quality and maintain schedule.

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