Top-down Safety

A Safety Message from Our President

“There is no higher priority at Scott Bridge Company than safety on our job sites. Over the decades, we have cultivated a robust safety culture to ensure that each one of us returns home safely every day. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, and it's the responsibility of every member of our team to uphold it — from the highest levels of leadership to our most entry-level positions. The well-being of our Scott Bridge Family comes before all else, and together we create a safer, stronger workplace.”

Ike Scott
President & CEO
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Safety Overview

Protecting Each Other Like Family

As bridge builders, we know the integrity of any structure is ultimately determined by the strength of its foundation. At Scott Bridge Company, safety is the rock-solid foundation of everything we do. It’s formed by fundamental ingredients like training and education, and is cemented in the field by our culture of protecting our team members like family. For us, safety isn’t a goal—it’s who we are as a company.

It’s who we’ve been for more than nine decades. Since 1933, the men and women of Scott Bridge Company have continued a legacy of working safely to protect not just each other but our business partners and the traveling public.

Life Jacket

Did you know?

SBC consistently earns below-industry-average Experience Modifier Rate (EMR). Our incident rates are lower than 95% of contractors in the US.

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Who We Protect

Safety to Protect

Our People

The core of our safety culture at Scott Bridge Company is formed by the men and women working shoulder to shoulder every day to make our projects successful. As a company, our first responsibility is protecting their lives and ensuring they all go home safely at the end of every shift.

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Our Partners

Our work doesn’t just involve the employees of Scott Bridge Company. We partner with hundreds of subcontractors, vendors, owners and inspection agencies to get the job done. We have as much responsibility for protecting their safety on our job sites as we do the employees of Scott Bridge Company.

The Public

We never lose sight of who our work is ultimately built to serve—the millions of everyday men and women who travel our bridges and rely on them for delivery of essential resources. From day one of construction to long after a project is complete, we protect the public’s safety in every interaction they have with our work.

Suiting Up for Safety

In our world, function is the height of fashion. Every Scott Bridge Employee is equipped with clean, professional, properly fitted personal protective equipment (PPE) before stepping foot onto a job site.

Beneath these buckets, our minds are filled with years of industry knowledge and expertise. Protecting them is a real no-brainer.

Where others see challenges, we people see solutions. Safety glasses keep problem solving levels at 20/20.

In our line of work, safety is quite literally in the hands of every man and woman on the job site. It’s no surprise that we insist on their protection.

By nature we’re a fairly modest bunch, so we rely on PPE to draw the right kind of attention—awareness and visibility.

With 85% of our bridges built above water, we rely on safety equipment to prevent us from sinking below it.

Even the safest and most capable among us gets kicked in the pants occasionally, so we make sure there’s a durable layer of protection in place.

These boots aren’t just made for walking, which we do plenty of—we also wear them to protect against the heavy objects and materials we can’t seem to get enough of.

Measurable Results

Driven by Culture, Supported by Data

Our philosophy on safety is that it lives in the hearts and minds of our employees, and the strength of our safety culture is the result of their efforts, their focus, and their commitment—each day they come to work, and in every task they perform.

To guide that culture, we collect and analyze measurable data in all areas of our performance, from reportable incident frequency to safety training and certification. Our safety department compares real-time data to help identify trends and make informed decisions to improve our performance.

Safety Support

Reinforced through Mentorship

Safety, like every part of bridge building, improves with experience. Our field teams are stacked with individuals with decades of industry experience, who have developed extensive knowledge of safety practices.

The veteran builders at Scott Bridge Company play an essential role in reinforcing our safety culture by transferring their knowledge to those following in their footsteps. Mentorship in safety is a form of continuous training rooted in firsthand experience.

Safety Program

Making Excellence Our Standard

Our goal at Scott Bridge Company is to continually raise the standard of our safety performance. To achieve it, we implement practices and programs to shape consistent behavior across every division. Informed by years of experience and refined based on performance data, they play an important role in the structure of our safety culture.

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