Marine Infrastructure Overview

Navigating Regional Waterways Across the Southeast

For more than 90 years, Scott Bridge Company has specialized in building and restoring complex marine infrastructure including roadway and railroad bridges, dams, and other water retention structures. Our experience working in and above bodies of water has positioned our company as one of the Southeast’s foremost experts in marine infrastructure.

At Scott Bridge Company, we draw upon our field expertise and large fleet of specialized marine equipment not only to perform our work, but to access the marine environments in which it takes place. And we do it all while maintaining strict safety and environmental protection standards.

Environments We Protect

Our work is deeply tied to the rivers, lakes, and inlets that play a tremendous role in our ecosystems in the Southeast.

Service Details

Highlights of Our Marine Infrastructure Services

Our marine infrastructure services are comprehensively formed to tackle a wide range of projects, allowing us to serve our clients in whatever capacity we’re needed.

Marine Bridges
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Pile Driving
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Bulkhead Construction
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Dam Construction
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Floating Platforms
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Underwater Dredging
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What sets our marine services apart

Fully Equipped, Specialty Services

Floating Equipment

We equip our teams with floating machinery designed specifically for marine operations, allowing us to work in water environments and establish our operations in difficult-to-access locations.

Experienced Personnel

Our project teams consist of many highly experienced leaders who have spent decades working on marine infrastructure. Their knowledge plays an essential role in the success of marine operations.

Safety & Training

Safety on the water is always our number one priority in any marine environment, and we’ve created specialized training programs to ensure that every member of our team works as safely as possible.

Environmental Focus

As a contractor, we have a responsibility to help protect and preserve the ecological systems found in our work zones, as well as make our operations environmentally sustainable.


Total number of floating assets owned by Scott Bridge Company
Our marine equipment fleet plays a critical role in our ability to set up and perform work in difficult to access locations like inland waterways.


Average number of formal training hours employees receive within their first year at Scott Bridge Company
Proper training helps protects our people as well as others we work alongside. Scott Bridge Company employees gain formal training from day one of their employment.

What Our Marine Partners Are Saying

"Over the decades McDonough Marine Service has had the honor of working with Scott Bridge Company on numerous projects, we are continually impressed by their class, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the construction industry. We look forward to the opportunity to work together for many more years to come."
Steve Cheredaryk
Sales Director
McDonough Marine Service

Our Marine Infrastructure Impact

Adding Value While Preserving Our Ecosystems

Through our marine infrastructure projects, Scott Bridge Company plays a vital role in expanding and improving ports, harbors, and waterfront structures, facilitating maritime transportation and trade while bolstering economic development in coastal regions.

Marine Market Needs

Controlling Our Region’s Waterways

The Southeast is made up of thousands of waterways ranging from freshwater rivers and streams to saltwater tributaries used to transport goods and products to inland ports. Our commitment is to sustainably improve the infrastructure built in these areas for the betterment of our communities.

Economic Impact

Marine infrastructure, such as ports and harbors, is crucial to the Southeast’s economy, facilitating trade, supporting industries, and creating jobs.

Regional Connectivity

Marine infrastructure improves connectivity between waterways and transportation networks, allowing efficient movement of goods, reduced costs, and increasing competitiveness.

Tourism Opportunity

The Southeast’s coastal and inlet areas attract millions of visitors each year, and a well-developed marine infrastructure enhances tourism and recreational opportunities.

Environmental Impact

Our work in marine infrastructure incorporates sustainable practices and efforts to minimize ecological impacts by preserving the region’s ecosystems and natural resources.

Why Choose Us

Examples of our work

Featured Marine Projects

Like all true builders, our passion shines brightest through the work we do—from our engineering methods to our operations in the field. If you’re interested to know who we are and what we’re all about, look no further than the structures we build.

Marine Infrastructure Careers

Set Sail for a Career of Adventure

Life on the high seas might be a thing of the past, but a career with Scott Bridge Company can be just as exciting. Working on our marine projects, you get to set sail (literally) on waterways spread across the Southeast and earn a great living, too.

Our marine infrastructure projects demand a specialized skill set from every team member involved, from our concrete finishers to our crane operators and foreman. Together their expertise helps drive success that few outside of our industry can appreciate. Think you’re ready to take the plunge?

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With You for the Long Haul

“I don’t know if my great-grandchildren will drive over this bridge, but if they do I know it’s going to be sound, it’s going to be sturdy, and it’s going to be there for decades to follow.”
Kevin Janes
Crane Operator
“The best part of my job is seeing the end result. Seeing a bad situation turn into a good situation, seeing traffic lighten and people’s commute get shortened. It’s an incredible feeling.”
Matt Hildreth
Project Engineer & Manager

What’s In it for you

Life Aboard a Leading Contractor

Saltwater & Fresh Air

Our marine infrastructure projects are miles away from that boring desk job most of us spend our careers trying to avoid. Building out on the water, there’s plenty to breathe in.

Unique Challenges

Marine projects present any number of challenges that bridge projects on dry land don’t. At Scott Bridge Company, you’ve got a first-class team to help you overcome them.

Specialized Training

Before going to work in a marine infrastructure environment, you’ll gain water-specific training that makes you an expert in your field and a valued contributor to our team.

Regional Travel

Our work takes our teams to locations across the Southeastern United States and into areas that most people rarely step foot. If you’ve got the travel itch, scratch it.

Commonly Available Marine Infrastructure Positions

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your career, there’s a position at Scott Bridge Company to fit your needs and experience level. Here are a few key positions on any marine infrastructure project.

Skilled Laborer

Provide ground labor and mechanical support for project teams wherever needed to help keep operations on-track and running smoothly.

Equipment Mechanic

Perform routine and repair maintenance in both a shop and field environment, on company equipment including heavy machinery and fleet.

Crane Operator

Provide crane operating services for a variety of bridge, marine, railroad, and energy-related construction projects across the Southeast.

Concrete Finisher

Provide concrete finishing and support, including preform concrete finishing, forming, pouring, and stripping of concrete forms.

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