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The World Needs More Builders

Builders make life as we know it possible. They construct the roads we drive taking our children to school each morning, and restore the railroads we rely on for the delivery of essential goods. Builders power our homes with energy and keep society moving forward. And today more than ever, we need as many of them as we can get.

If you’re ready to make a meaningful difference in the world by building structures people depend on, a career with Scott Bridge Company is the chance you’ve been looking for.

Find Your Family and Your Purpose In One Company

Everyone deserves the chance to rise to the position their talents afford them. We foster an environment based on mentorship and opportunity for all who desire to grow.

“I’ve been fortunate, blessed even, to be surrounded by people who are more knowledgeable than myself. That’s a huge tool for becoming better at my job and advancing in my career.”
—David Fleetwood
“I don’t know if my great-grandchildren will drive over this bridge, but if they do I know it’s going to be sound, it’s going to be sturdy, and it’s going to be there for decades to follow.”
—Kevin Janes
“The best part of my job is seeing the end result. Seeing a bad situation turn into a good situation, seeing traffic lighten and people’s commute get shortened. It’s an incredible feeling.”
—Matt Hildreth
“People are the best resource we have. Our field personnel are second to none, and that’s what differentiates Scott Bridge Company from our competitors—our people.”
—Michael Collier

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Scott Bridge Employee Benefits

Complete Benefits to Serve Our Employees

Scott Bridge Company offers comprehensive benefits to support our employees and their families in every area of life, from healthcare to financial savings.

Medical Insurance
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Vision Insurance
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Dental Insurance
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Basic Life and AD&D
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Short & Long Term Disability
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Empower 401K Savings
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Employer Overview

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Growth At Scott Bridge Company

Our Culture of Opportunity

Opportunity is at the heart of who we are at Scott Bridge Company—opportunity to find and fulfill our potential through our work as bridge builders. To help make the most of opportunities we are given, we focus on supporting each other every step of the way.

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Spiritual Guidance & Support

Support from Our In-House Chaplains

We understand the importance of holistic well-being, which is why we’re proud to offer the services of our dedicated In-House Chaplains. Our Chaplains provide a valuable source of spiritual guidance and support for our employees. Whether you need someone to lend a compassionate ear, offer counsel during challenging times, or provide comforting words of encouragement, our Chaplains are here to support you.

They offer confidential conversations, prayer, and a listening presence to help navigate personal and professional challenges. With their guidance, you can find solace, gain spiritual insights, and cultivate a sense of inner strength within our close-knit community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Open Positions
  • What are the typical working hours at SBC? arrow

    It depends on your position. While our office and support personnel maintain standard 8am to 5pm working hours, our field crews adhere to the schedules of our projects. In some cases this can mean 10-hour shifts, nights, and occasionally weekends.

  • Are there seasonal layoffs or do you work year round? arrow

    Scott Bridge Company operates year round throughout the Southeast and does not have any annual lay-offs for employees.

  • Do you offer assistance for working away from home? arrow

    In situations where our field crews are required to travel, Scott Bridge Company offers assistance in the form of housing arrangements and per diem pay.

  • Do you offer performance bonus opportunities? arrow

    There are annual bonus opportunities based on individual performance, which are determined by supervisor review and feedback.

  • Are there opportunities for summer internships? arrow

    Yes! If you’re a college student or high school student interested in our company and the construction industry, our summer internship program is a great way to learn about what we do while earning money. Contact our team to learn more about internship opportunities.

Regions We Serve

Scott Bridge Company operates extensively throughout the Southeast, drawing on local and national talent to serve our project needs.