Crane and other equipment being used to build a bridge

Design-Build Overview

Engineering Value for Collaborative Project Partnership

Scott Bridge Company has always approached our projects with a collaborative mindset determined for success. In the design-build model, we have the ability to maximize our contribution in the areas of engineering and constructability. The results are often streamlined production schedules, cost engineering, and increased innovation for greater overall project value.

Our project teams have a successful track record with dozens of design-build infrastructure projects, and opportunities are increasing as state transportation departments continue to find value in the project model.

Performance that Delivers

Design-Build project delivery offers the ultimate potential to add value and speed delivery for our trusted project partners.

Service Details

Highlights of Our Design-Build Project Capabilities

Our team at Scott Bridge Company is structured for the highest levels of infrastructure delivery. Our capabilities in key areas have made us an ideal partner for complex, collaborative design-build projects.

Professional Engineering
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Foundation Testing
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Bridge Construction
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Heavy Civil Construction
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Railroad Experience
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What Sets Our Design-Build Approach Apart

Self-Performance, Proven Expertise

Value Engineering

If there’s an opportunity to save cost or push the schedule, we’ll find it, either through operational adjustments, material choices, or design changes. Adding value is central to how we perform.

Design Due Diligence

Design-build projects allow our engineers and project teams even greater opportunity to identify and address potential design flaws early on in the process of an infrastructure project.

Partner Collaboration

At Scott Bridge Company, we thrive when presented with the opportunity on design-build infrastructure projects to become a fully integrated, contributing member of the project design team.

Relationship Driven

On every project, we’re determined to form positive relationships with all members and stakeholders, because we want to continue partnering together successfully in the future.


Total number of professional and civil engineers that form Scott Bridge Company’s in-house team
In-house engineering gives Scott Bridge Company a tremendous competitive advantage on design-build projects, where collaboration between the contractor and designer is maximized.


Average years of experience of Scott Bridge Company general superintendents
In the high-performance environment demanded in many cases by the design-build model, the experience of our general superintendents plays a large role in our team’s overall success.

What Our Design-Build Partners Say

“I’ve worked with The Scott Bridge Company for over ten years on numerous bridge projects. I consider them the best water crossing bridge constructors that I have worked with in my 35 year career of bridge projects. Their management team, estimators, and construction engineering folks are top notch and are great teammates in project pursuits and execution. Their jobsites are clean, safe, and construction quality is outstanding. But what I like the most about working with them is that for the most part I’m still dealing with the same Scott Family members and Key staff that I have from the beginning and ALL of these folks operate with the utmost integrity and are true to their word which I’m sure would make their founders proud.”
AL Bowman
Vice President
Michael Baker International
Scott Bridge Company building a bridge they designed

Our Design-Build Project Impact

Improving Project Value for our Partners and Stakeholders

With our collaborative and value-adding approach, Scott Bridge Company excels in design-build infrastructure projects, becoming a preferred partner for delivering complex projects efficiently, cost-effectively, and with innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our communities.

Design-build Market Needs

The Future of Public Infrastructure

With more state transportation departments recognizing the viability and benefit of design-build projects, the model is becoming more commonly used with each passing year. At Scott Bridge Company, we’re willing to accept the risk associated with this method to continue adding value to our communities.

Increased Efficiency

Our design-build expertise allows for streamlined processes, eliminating potential delays and optimizing project costs while ensuring quality results.

Regional Expertise

Our understanding of the Southeast helps us navigate local project regulations, environmental guidelines, and unique requirements associated with design-build projects.

Stakeholder Collaboration

We excel in fostering strong collaboration, effectively engaging with stakeholders to address their needs, align project goals, and deliver infrastructure that benefits the Southeast region.

Innovative Solutions

Our project teams leverage experience and expertise to provide creative solutions, incorporating advanced technologies and practices to deliver projects that meet the evolving needs of the Southeast.

Why Choose Us

Examples of our work

Design-Build Projects

Like all true builders, our passion shines brightest through the work we do—from our engineering methods to our operations in the field. If you’re interested to know who we are and what we’re all about, look no further than the structures we build.

Careers in Infrastructure

A Career Designed and Built by You

As a company, we value the ability to choose and control our own path. We believe our employees deserve the same opportunity to design the career they want for themselves. Our responsibility is giving them the tools and support to bring their vision to life.

If you’re looking to take back control of your future, a career with Scott Bridge Company can be the means to do so. On large-scale design-build projects, there are hundreds of positions on dozens of career paths. The first step is getting started.

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Leave Your Mark On the Future

“I don’t know if my great-grandchildren will drive over this bridge, but if they do I know it’s going to be sound, it’s going to be sturdy, and it’s going to be there for decades to follow.”
Kevin Janes
Crane Operator
“People are the best resource we have. Our field personnel are second to none, and that’s what differentiates Scott Bridge Company from our competitors—our people.”
Michael Collier
Director of Construction & Project Management

What’s in it for you

Help Others As You Invest in Yourself

Dynamic Environment

The ever-changing daily environment of design-build projects can be a thrill for individuals who thrive on variety. You’ll never experience the same workday twice.

Collaborative Teams

We say it often, our projects cannot be done alone. Our teams rely on each other for success and form incredible bonds in the process, which bring joy to our work.

Large-Scale Experience

Joining a design-build project team, you’re almost guaranteed to become involved in a large-scale infrastructure project. They provide a certain thrill unlike any other.

Growth Opportunity

Work hard, contribute, learn, and you’ll not only have a job with our company as long as you want, you’ll have the opportunity to advance your career as far as you dream.

Commonly Available 
Project Positions

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your career, there’s a position at Scott Bridge Company to fit your needs and experience level. Here are a few key positions on any design-build project.

Skilled Laborer

Provide ground labor and mechanical support for project teams wherever needed to help keep operations on-track and running smoothly.

Project Foreman

Provide supervision to skilled and semi-skilled craft positions at a project level. Oversee the quality of work for crews of 4-8 SBC employees.

Safety Officer

Train employees and monitor jobsite activities in accordance with all measurable and non-measurable safety standards for the protection of employees.

Field Engineer

Work closely with project manager, superintendent, foreman, and craft-level employees to provide engineering support as needed.

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