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Cecil Smith Inducted into the Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame

Employee Spotlights
Published on February 28, 2024

On the evening of November 8th, 2023, we gathered in Montgomery, Alabama, to witness Cecil Smith’s induction into the Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame. Started in 2002 by the ARBA Board of Directors, the Hall of Fame honors the contributions of individuals and companies that have brought and continue to bring significant recognition to the State of Alabama in the transportation construction field. It was no surprise to anyone that Cecil Smith was chosen, having spent a lifetime dedicated to our industry.

The epitome of a bridge man, Howard Cecil Smith began his career in 1959 at just 20 years old. With a deep passion for bridge-building, he devoted himself to Scott Bridge Company and advancing infrastructure in seven states for over half a century. Through years of hard work, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and profound wisdom, both in the bridge industry and life’s journey.

Cecil embodies the qualities of kindness and compassion in a truly remarkable way. His loyalty is unwavering, and his love is unconditional. He would give the shirt off his back to a stranger without a second thought. In every encounter, no matter how small, he exudes a genuine spirit that inspires those around him. A man of unwavering faith, Cecil firmly believes that no matter how challenging a situation may be, one must have complete certainty in the Lord. He often asserts this by stating, “You have to trust in the Lord.” He reminds anyone who asks that our faith in God can help us overcome any obstacle. Cecil’s steadfast devotion to his faith and his family is evident from the moment you meet him. Despite relocating frequently for work, his commitment to his loved ones never wavered. His daughter proudly shares that his love for his family is only matched by his passion for the Lord.

Cecil has had a lasting impact on many people as he moved from job site to job site and town to town. The numerous individuals he has guided on his projects over the years can attest to his dedication. They say he always arrived early in the morning to pray for the job and his team. Even though he is now retired, he can be found on his back porch early every morning, reading the Bible and praying for the safety of the crews and the soundness of the bridges being built.

The Eagle Ranch “Scott Family Bridge”

Community Involvement
Published on July 26, 2023

Eagle Ranch, one of the largest residential children’s programs in the Southeast, provides children and families in Georgia with Christ-centered housing, education, and counseling. Founded in 1985 by Eddie Staub, Eagle Ranch was designed to improve the lives of children and families experiencing a crisis. The woodland campus, spread across 315 acres in Flowery Branch, boasts residential zones that mimic the style of a neighborhood specifically tailored for children. The campus also houses a school that holds SACS accreditation, a chapel, and various facilities available for meetings and recreational activities. 

Recognizing the need for a wide variety of continued support for children and families in the community, Eddie Staub created “The Wings Center”, located adjacent to the Eagle Ranch campus. The Wings Center offers outpatient counseling, retreats, professional training, and non-profit consulting for the Northeast Georgia and Metro Atlanta communities. Although The Wings Center’s proximity to the main campus of Eagle Ranch was beneficial, there was no direct connection between the two due to a stream running through the property. This separation imposed a long and unnecessary detour for anyone needing to move between the two locations. 

Scott Bridge Company, supported by the generous donations of many vendors and suppliers, constructed a bridge spanning 110 feet, physically linking the main campus and Wing Center. Dedicated in May of this year, the “Scott Family Bridge” represents our purpose: to fulfill our God-given potential by building structures that serve and sustain life.

Thank you to the Scott Bridge employees whose hard work brought this dream to fruition and to the following companies and individuals for their generous donations of services and materials: 

Scott Bridge Company: Stephen Summers, Zach Chastain, Steve Gilbert, Daniel Smith, and Juan Haparicio

Highway Materials: Bill Craddock

Standard Concrete Products: Fletcher Smith, Joe Shepherd, and Doug Pankey 

Chattahoochee Grading: Jake Gailey

Sherwin- Williams: Nicky Singletary           

Vulcan Materials: Scott Wild and Carol Landrum

Nucor Skyline Steel: Jacob Tynes and Rob Waudby

Lehigh Hanson: Jeff Redmon

Anasteel & Supply Co.: Steve Nugent and Ryan Cablik

Thomas Concrete: Jeremiah Claybrooks

Cleveland Wood: Zack

Grounded Engineering Services: Pam Kinney

Scott Bridge Company Celebrates 90 Years

Awards & Recognition
Project Updates
Published on July 26, 2023

Celebrating 90 Years

This year, Scott Bridge Company proudly announces its 90th anniversary in business! As a family-owned and operated company, Scott Bridge has been responsible for constructing many iconic bridges, highways, and dams throughout the southeastern United States. 

On March 29th, surrounded by suppliers, clients, partners, community leaders, friends, and family, we celebrated the work God has done through 90 years of Scott Bridge Company. We fellowshipped over lunch while reminiscing on the many significant people and phases of our journey from humble beginnings in 1933 to an industry leader in transportation construction today. Everyone laughed and smiled as we recalled treasured memories with business partners and friends, including Jim Carter, retired president of Norfolk Southern, Dan Garcia, president of C.W. Matthews, Billy Norrell, CEO of Alabama Associated General Contractor, and many more names whose friendship and influence has had a lasting impact. Among those present were mayors Gary Fuller and Ron Anders, who expressed their congratulations and gratitude for Scott Bridge’s work in business and within our communities in Lee County. The legacy of I.J. Scott Sr., a dedicated philanthropist fondly referred to as Cap’n Jud, was resoundingly manifested that day. It would have been a proud moment for him to witness the company’s flourishing success and growth and, most importantly, his family’s enduring stewardship of Scott Bridge. Their continued generosity, devotion to their workforce, and above all, their steadfast faith in God would indeed have brought joy to his heart.

 Despite the growing size of its operations and an expanding workforce, SBC has succeeded in preserving the essence of a family business. Ike Scott, CEO, president, and representative of the third generation, acknowledges the lasting impact of his family’s legacy. He says, “I feel like my granddad and dad gave me an opportunity to succeed, and I feel like I have a responsibility to pass the same opportunity along to my children.” Along with his two brothers, David and Bill, who make up the third Scott family generation, several members of the fourth generation work within Scott Bridge today. As the company continues its long journey, the Scott family’s guiding principles of hard work, dedication, and faith remain intact. On the 90th anniversary, Ike Scott reflects on the company’s achievements, saying, “God has truly blessed Scott Bridge Company, and we give Him all the glory.”

With a strong foundation and an unparalleled legacy, Scott Bridge is ready to embrace future challenges and opportunities with the same diligence and commitment that has driven its success for 90 years. Thank you to our partners, suppliers, clients, and communities where we reside and work. You have demonstrated tremendous trust in our abilities and supported us consistently throughout the years. We owe the largest debt of gratitude to our employees, whose loyalty is unwavering. Celebrating with us in the highs and always standing by us in the lows, you are the foundation of our success and will forever be an invaluable part of our family.