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Our Purpose

Building to Serve


Behind every Scott Bridge Company project, there is a team of hard-working people pouring their talents into the job at hand. Without them, our organization wouldn’t exist, and the work we do would be impossible.

We never lose sight of the men and women who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to fulfilling the SBC mission. We honor their work by doing everything we can as a company to support them and their families—now and beyond their retirement.


At Scott Bridge Company, we believe in the power of community. Our projects go beyond the concrete and steel used to build them—they are a testament to our commitment to improving the places where we live, work, and raise our families together.

We take pride in collaborating with local stakeholders, listening to their needs, and delivering projects that enhance the quality of life for residents. Building to serve communities is not just a goal. It’s the heart of everything we do at Scott Bridge Company.


We recognize that our work plays a vital role in advancing and improving society as a whole. From building sustainable transportation networks that reduce congestion and promote environmental stewardship, to constructing critical energy infrastructure that powers homes and businesses, our projects have a lasting impact.

We embrace the responsibility to contribute positively to society, prioritizing safety, quality, and innovation in all our endeavors. Building to serve society is a guiding principle that drives us to create infrastructure solutions that benefit present and future generations.

The World Needs More

Careers at SBC

The Best Builders Choose Scott Bridge Company

Scott Bridge Company is known by craftsmen and project owners alike as a builder’s builder. It’s a reputation we’re proud of, because it’s based on what we value most in our work—quality craftsmanship, engineering excellence, and the highest safety standards in the industry.

As a result, we attract like-minded companies and individuals who share those same values and refuse to settle for anything less. Whether it’s project owners seeking a contracting partner, or trade workers seeking an employer to sharpen their abilities, the best builders choose us.

Company History

We’ve Been Their Choice for More Than 90 Years

For nearly a century, Scott Bridge Company has elevated the standards of quality in our industry by striving to build stronger, safer, more cost-effective structures. Our efforts have produced many of the Southeast’s most enduring projects, and have helped train and develop multiple generations of expert builders in our region.

As we look ahead to the next century of building, our success will be built on the achievements of the thousands of men and women who have called Scott Bridge Company their home.

Watch Our Team In Action


Our Strategic Approach
to Projects

We engineer ground-breaking design solutions, equip ourselves with cutting-edge machinery, and mobilize experienced construction teams to build and restore critical infrastructure—safely, quickly, and effectively.



Professional engineering teams provide ground-breaking design solutions focused on deliverability in the field.


Cutting-edge machinery and fabrication facilities provide unmatched support for our operational teams to fulfill a project’s specific demands.


Experienced construction personnel can be on-site quickly and ready to go to work on even the most remotely accessible sites.

Construction & Repair Services

Specialized Services to Solve Complex Infrastructure Challenges

Scott Bridge Company offers a complete range of bridge and marine construction, including emergency and restoration services to meet the needs of our customers and keep society moving.

Our Project Portfolio

Our Work Is Our Passion

Like all true builders, our passion shines brightest through the work we do—from our engineering methods to our operations in the field. If you’re interested to know who we are and what we’re all about, look no further than the structures we build and the men and women who form our team.

Client Testimonials

A Faithful Partner for Every Project

“Scott Bridge Company did excellent work on two of the movable bridges in Brightline's Phase 2 high speed intercity rail connection between West Palm Beach and Orlando, FL. Their means and methods engineering and planning was innovative and superb, and they staffed the project with can-do field personnel.”

Michael Cegelis
EVP, Development & Construction of Brightline

“Scott Bridge Company has shown a continued commitment to project safety for both on-site personnel and the traveling public; and a high standard for permit compliance in the environmentally sensitive areas in which these projects occur. Volkert has found during our work with Scott Bridge Company a true sense of partnering which has made the projects progress smoothly and which I believe has helped deliver a quality product to our client.”

E. Michael Luescher
Project Engineer at Volkert, Inc.

“Scott Bridge Company has successfully delivered results within project safety, schedule, and budget targets on Hydro Generation projects at our Georgia Power Company and Alabama Power Company. Your dedication to quality will ensure the continued long-term life extensions of numerous projects including our iconic Martin Dam.”

Herbie N. Johnson
General Manager at Southern Company Hydro

“Scott Bridge Company successfully recovered every asset from the designated area, and did so with aplomb. What makes this feat even more impressive is the fact that more than 40,000 man-hours were worked and not one person was injured.”

Nathan S. Gregory
Deputy Project Manager at KBR

“CSX considers Scott Bridge Company as a premier contractor whose operations are always aligned with our company’s core values. In recent years, [their] professionalism and leadership has led CSX to partner with them on several projects where their knowledge and experience has been leveraged to manage and train CSX’s newly hired employees on the safe and proper methods of bridge construction.”

Ron Foster
Director of Construction Engineering at CSX

Join Our Team and Make Your Journey Part of Our Legacy

A career with the right company can mean the difference between achieving your goals and never setting any to begin with. Scott Bridge Company helps you pick the direction you want to grow, and invests in getting you there.

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Secure the Future for Yourself and Your Family

When we hire a new employee, we don’t just welcome the individual into our organization, we welcome their family by providing a stable income and benefits to create a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Discover Your Potential for Greatness

We believe in giving people the opportunity to fulfill their God-given gifts and talents through design and construction. Whatever your strengths may be, there’s a place for you to grow them with our company.

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Explore Opportunities to Build the Career You Want

A rewarding career is rarely a straight line, but is more often a journey of discovering your strengths. Scott Bridge Company offers the chance to explore multiple areas of our business to find the perfect fit.