Atlanta Centennial Olympic Committee
Services Provided
Design-Build, Marine
Year of Completion

Summary: SBC was chosen from a group of international teams to design and build two structures for the international Olympic Rowing and Yachting competitions. The first project was a five-acre temporary stadium for the rowing venue located on Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta. The second was a temporary floating staging area for the Olympic yachting venue at the mouth of Wassau Sound, near Savannah.

The project was not without its challenges. Some hurdles included scheduling, procurement, and general constructing. The rowing project’s main challenge was to build a facility that would seat 17,000 people in 60 feet of water. The yachting venue had to be designed and built practically in the Atlantic Ocean, where it was vulnerable to any tropical disturbance. The 10-mile transport distance to the Savannah staging area also presented multiple logistical issues. However, with the hard work, dedication, and diligence to the craft of construction, the project was completed to great success. 

Result: The Olympic Games Rowing and Yachting Venue project were two of Scott Bridge Company’s most unique achievements, meeting all requirements safely and successfully. Our teams proved to themselves and the world that they can meet projects of any scope, meet tight deadlines, and overcome challenges to create functional and meaningful work.