Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
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Summary:  In 1984, the United States’ began its first State DOT Design-Build Bridge Project. Under the trusted stewardship of Scott Bridge Company, this groundbreaking enterprise ushered in an innovative era in project delivery. In 1983, SBC emerged as the successful low bidder by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), which would forever impact the landscape of infrastructure development.

Nestled between Glennville and Baxley, Georgia, the project stretched along State Route 121/144/169, where the Altamaha River Bridge would eventually take rise. With design-build as the guiding compass, Scott Bridge Company embraced a dual role as both designer and constructor—a testament to the company’s visionary approach to engineering.

Result: The humbling success of this inaugural State DOT Design-Build Bridge Project radiated far beyond its geographic location. GDOT’s choice to embrace this project delivery method shifted project liabilities to those most adept at managing them and catalyzed nine competitive bid packages.