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Extensive damage to the newly opened section of the eastbound US Highway 98 bridge, including Pi Girders, 150’ FBT girders, and precast substructure. Response: Scott Bridge Company (SBC) mobilized significant marine resources and over 100 employees to demolish and rebuild damaged bridge sections.

Response: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally’s devastating impact on Pensacola, Florida, in October 2020, Scott Bridge Company (SBC) was called upon to address the urgent need for the restoration of the Three Mile Bridge. This vital transportation artery had suffered severe damage when over 50 construction barges were dislodged from their moorings during the storm, wreaking havoc on the newly opened section of the eastbound US Highway 98 bridge.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Scott Bridge Company swiftly mobilized its extensive marine resources and assembled a dedicated workforce of over 100 employees. Their mission: to demolish the compromised sections of the bridge, including the Pi Girders, 150’ FBT girders, and other precast substructure components.

Outcome: Over the course of nine months, Scott Bridge Company undertook the formidable task of making heavy lifts to recover and rebuild this critical bridge. Their vast experience in navigating and executing projects in challenging marine environments, such as Pensacola Bay, made them the natural choice for this demanding endeavor. Their reputation for construction engineering excellence solidified their role as a trusted partner in the region’s recovery efforts.

Throughout the project, Scott Bridge Company fostered an exceptional working relationship with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) employees and consultants. This collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence were instrumental in ensuring the successful reconstruction of the Three Mile Bridge.

The outcome of their tireless efforts is a testament to Scott Bridge Company’s dedication to restoring essential infrastructure in times of crisis. The rebuilt Three Mile Bridge now stands as a symbol of resilience, facilitating the movement of people and goods, and contributing to the recovery and revitalization of the Pensacola region.