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Bridge, Marine
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Summary: The Patton Island Tennessee River Bridge marks a testament to Scott Bridge Company’s longstanding legacy in shaping the infrastructure of Northern Alabama. Since 1969, SBC has taken the helm in constructing eight significant highway bridges and two railroad bridges spanning the Tennessee River. This bridge lineage extends from Florence to Muscle Shoals, Alabama—a lifeline of connectivity that has propelled progress throughout the surrounding area.

Each of these highway bridges shares commonalities—a trio of long span continuous steel plate girder units over the navigational channel, coupled with the strategic use of large cofferdams, seals, and pier concrete foundations. The complexity of these ventures is further underscored by the necessity to remove existing bridges, involving the dismantling of old steel trusses, controlled demolitions, and the seamless removal of existing bridge piers.

Result: The legacy of these undertakings is etched into the landscape of North Alabama. It showcases SBC’s unwavering commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and the tenacity to shape not just bridges, but the pathways of progress and connectivity that fuel economic growth and community vitality.