Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
Services Provided
Bridge, Marine
Year of Completion

Summary: Scott Bridge Company’s involvement in the Lake Lanier Bridge Construction project underscores our commitment to exceptional engineering and innovation. The project was secured through a successful bid in the Georgia DOT monthly letting, and encompassed the construction of two extensive 1,200-ft bridges designed to facilitate connectivity across Lake Lanier. To take on the challenges that came with the project, SBC purchased our first two 150 ton cranes and our first single screw 26 ft. Tugboat named the Miss Haley.

Results: A hallmark of this endeavor is the construction of the second deepest cofferdams (temporary dams) ever built in the United States. Following the assembly of the cofferdams, Scott Bridge Company formed and poured concrete seals and columns within the cofferdams, thus  finishing the caps, and the structural steel girders were erected. This feat exemplifies Scott Bridge Company’s technical prowess and ability of scope to take on the United State’s most challenging bridge construction projects.