CSX Railroad
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Marine, Railroad
Year of Completion

Summary: The transformation of the CSX Railroad Bridge over Mobile River, masterminded by Scott Bridge Company in collaboration with CSX Railroad and the U.S. Coast Guard, marks a pinnacle of innovation and engineering prowess. The project demanded extreme precision, replacing a relic of railroad construction in the Southeast—a 1930s-era swing span truss bridge, notorious for its obstruction to commercial river navigation.

SBC’s contribution extended across the spectrum of ingenuity and expertise. We conceived, designed, and executed a comprehensive solution that redefined the landscape of transportation infrastructure. The outdated swing span, which used to pivot 90 degrees to accommodate passage for barges, was replaced by a vertically lifting span truss. This state-of-the-art span, supported by extended piers, elegantly soared 65 feet to offer a generous 300-foot wide opening, a transformation that simplified the passage for vessels.

The project was a testament to the skill of the Scott Bridge Company team. Overcoming a series of formidable challenges—including remote access, the uncontrollable force of the Mobile River, and redesigning foundations—all underlines SBC’s unwavering dedication to overcoming obstacles.

Result: The outcome of this feat is a testament to Scott Bridge Company’s prowess and determination to exceed expectations. The success of this intricate endeavor stands as a marker of SBC’s capacity to tackle even the most complex undertakings with precision and excellence.