Alabama Southern Railroad
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Emergency Response, Railroad
Year of Completion

On April 27, 2011 devastating tornadoes ripped through Central Alabama in addition to several other southern states. Loss of life and damage to property was extensive. In its fury, one tornado also wreaked havoc on a 100 year old steel plate girder railroad bridge spanning Hurricane Creek near Holt, AL. The fierce winds left much of the bridge strewn like an erector set in, and on the steep banks on either side of the creek. Four spans and three towers were left lying on the ground after the storm roared through. Scott Bridge Company was called on to repair the bridge. At its highest point, the bridge rises over 150 feet above the creek. The spans were salvaged, brought to the top of the hill where the old lead paint had to be abated and the spans straightened, repaired and repainted. The towers had to be completely rebuilt from the foundation up. The 100 year old concrete foundations were no longer viable to support the new towers. Steep embankments on both sides of the creek added to the complexity of this job. Roads were built and a temporary bridge over the creek was put in place while protecting the waters of Hurricane Creek. Within 9 months trains were once again running on this bridge. The final cost of this project was $4,600,000.00.