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US 378 over Little River

Client:Norfolk Southern Railway

Location:Alongside the Broad River near the Martin Marietta Quarry in Columbia, SC

Date: October 2015

In October of 2015 a devastating flood struck the Columbia, SC area, which has been deemed a 1,000-year flood event. Creeks and rivers in an eleven-county area were out of their banks and in homes and businesses throughout the area. The Broad River caused one of the most unique and devastating events in the area: an estimated 2.1 billion gallons of water destroyed 670’ of railroad bridge and washed an estimated 30’ depth of ground into an adjacent rock quarry. The flood created a 400’ wide channel into the new slough created when the quarry flooded. Photos of the initial damage were unbelievable. Scott Bridge was contacted by the railroad and within 24 hours we had personnel on the ground to assess the damage. How could we restore this vital train link in the shortest possible amount of time? A plan was developed and within a week, personnel were on the ground beginning the cleanup and repairs. A road had to be built alongside the tracks to have access to the work. Scott Bridge crews from four states were called in to assist in the repairs. Crews worked 24/7 until the work was completed. Our shop was working 24/7 to fabricate the piers to support the ballast deck. Over 200 Scott Bridge employees were involved in the reconstruction. We were flooded out twice after the initial flood but continued to progress where we could until the water receded. On December 15, 2017, the first train crossed the newly repaired track, an amazing 62 days from start to finish. Our rapid response to disasters is what makes Scott Bridge a premier bridge contractor in the Southeast.


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