Scott Bridge Company

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Lake Pontchartrain, LA

Client: Norfolk Southern

Location: Lake Pontchartrain, LA

Date: August 2005 Post-Katrina

This was a post-Katrina rail bridge repair that spanned 5.5 miles. The track and crossties were washed off the superstructure and lying at the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain, still in one piece. Scott Bridge used 8 cranes on barges to pick up the original one piece track continuously and gradually put the track and crossties back in place while the cranes “leapfrogged” down the bridge. Each crane moved 440 times. The completion rate was a mile of track per day finishing the repair in only 6 days. This railway was the first functional transportation through New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This project was valued at over 12.5 million dollars.

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